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Vintage DOOM items for sale!

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All right, so the time has come when I must part with a number of items from my DOOM/Quake collection, since hard financial times have left me in need of money.

I've got the following items (more than one of a few, but I won't disclose exact quantities but no more than three of each for the ones I have more than one of):

* The Ultimate DOOM Retail, new and factory sealed (CD-ROM and 3.5" Diskette)
* Depths of DOOM Trilogy
* Final DOOM retail, new and factory sealed
* Quake 3 Collector's Tin
* D! Zone Gold (3000 maps)

Message me if you are interested in purchasing any of the above items and we'll discuss price! They're rare and I took care of each and every one. I wish I could hang on to them, but I need money for textbooks and other expenses :(


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If somebody got porsche 965 turbo for sale I can swap my doom collection for it. Got many unique items for sale, like reaper miniature doom blisters signed by staff,tshirt,posters,books,unopened games etc. This message was partially just for laughs but I need supercar badly. If somebody interested just reply :)

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Intel, if you'd like another venue on which to make sure these find new and happy homes, I'd be happy to post an advertisement with pictures to my Doom blog to help you spread the word.

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