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UDMF map, first of 5, music pending.

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So, I made this map for ZDoom, Doom in UDMF format. It works. Not perfectly, but it works. BUT.

- I couldn't do anything with lighting, so I just gave up and left everything at 192 light level except the exit tunnel (you'll see). I'd really like someone who's actually competent at this to do the lighting for me. It would really set the proper mood. Currently, everything's just sort of bright.

- The scripts all work, as far as I can tell, but they're an unholy mess. I'd also like someone to go over them and either tidy them up or tell me how to tidy them up.

- There are nasty slime trails in a few places. I have no idea why and they seem to be entirely arbitrary. I'd like to ask someone to take a look at the map and tell me how I could fix them.

- I have a nagging feeling that I left an untextured linedef somewhere, but I can't find any. Yet, the feeling won't go away.

- The final few rooms are not quite finished. There are areas where I want to put some monsters and maybe some detail, but after a month of work, my brain just gave up on this map.

- And most importantly, the file is currently bloated with three MP3s of commercial music (one for the regular level music and two boss fight pieces). THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE FINAL. The MP3s are placeholders from an album I own, because I have no idea how MIDI sequencing works. They're gone. They bloated the file way too much. I'd like to ask someone who makes good MIDI music (I know there are a few such people around) to make three pieces based on the general feeling of the songs currently in the wad (that's the only reason I included them).

Here's the map itself, intended to be the first of a five-map mini-episode. There are unused resources (currently only monsters) that I plan on using in later maps, so they're not just thrown in for shits and giggles to make the file larger. Please help me finish it up so I can start work on the next map (which will hopefully incorporate the lessons I learned while making this one and thus be better).

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Sorry for the double post, but I really do require some help with this. The two things I really need to complete this map, music and lighting, are things that I'm just incapable of doing. I'd also like someone who isn't me to test the map for me, because I'm not an objective playtester, having created the map myself.

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While I admire that you really want your wad to be as good as possible, I'm afraid I don't think you're going to get anyone to help you with these issues. It looks to me like the standards you've set yourself are way beyond what you're capable of at the moment.

- I'd very very strongly advise removing the mp3s from the wad. Most importantly because it's illegal, but also because your wad is 38MB zipped up and although that's not much in this day and age, it's wholly unnecessary and makes your wad orders of magnitude larger than it should be. I don't know if it would be that much help to a midi composer anyway, if I composed midi I'd rather see some screenshots of the level and compose around the impression I get from it. If nobody is going to make some original music for you (and I don't think they will) then you should just do what everybody else does and get some midi music off the internet or other wads. There's an absurd number of websites out there that have midi music, it shouldn't be hard to find some.

- I don't think you should worry so much about the lighting as you seem to be. It's really not that huge a deal. If you're wholly incapable of doing lighting properly yourself then just make the lighting simple. If your level is fun enough to play I don't think anyone else will think it's a huge issue. If you want to get better I'd advise looking closely at the lighting of the next levels you play that you really enjoy, you can learn a lot by looking at examples of what others have done.

- Slime trails are something that just happen, if you really need to fix it then try moving the offending linedefs/vertices slightly. It's just an artifact with nodebuilding that not even a perfect nodebuilder can fix.

- You can easily find untextured linedefs by running Map Analysis Mose if you're using Doom Builder 2. It's the tick icon in the icon bar.

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Yeah, the MP3s will be removed. That was something I'd do regardless of whether or not I actually got new music in their place. I still want at least the boss music to be different though, so off I go to hunt for free MIDIs on the net. I didn't find an untextured linedef (apart from the ones in the uneven ground outside, but those don't count), so that was just paranoia.

You don't quite understand though. In previous maps of mine, with much simpler architecture, I managed to screw up the mood of the entire map by trying to place lighting. I just have absolutely zero sense for how lighting should work and which areas to make lighter or darker. It's just a huge blind spot that I can't seem to fix.

Anyway, here's the MP3-less version (I replaced the link in the first post as well). I also added two monsters. That's about it for the changes.

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There were several errors in the map. I fixed them and updated the first post with the fixed version.

- A script was structured wrong, meaning that the exit door was open all the time.

- I forgot to make a door open, making the level unbeatable.

- I figured out that the nodebuilder errors that caused the slime trails were made by curved lines with too small individual linedefs. Fixed this where I could.

Also began work on the second map, currently it's unplayable.

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