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Failed demo attempts

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This is what happens when you try to tyson a map and you don't practice the final room.


It was a bad run overall that somehow made it further than I had gotten before.

The most noteworthy thing is probably around 14:30 where I avoid the blue key lock in, someone might have done the trick before but I'm not sure.

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This was the farthest I got last year in attempting a UV Max D2ALL for Survive in Hell.

Maybe I'll go back to finish it one day, but who knows.

Dies on Map 24 at 1:42:34 by a cyber who was targeting another enemy.

I can imagine a 2:20-2:30 time would be sufficient for a completed D2ALL.


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Yay, I have something for this thread. On Roketeer:


Nomo Speed attempt. I get both rocket jumps much more smoothly than in other attempts, couldn't be more on target for the exit... and linedef skip it front and back. Funny, but a little disheartening.


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Posted (edited)

Was doing pacifist e1m9, trying to get at least 29s :/



Luckily I got my 29 some attempts later


Edited by Dwaze

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Managed to get a 38 on e1m3 during one of my doom ep1 (uv-speed) attempts. Also got a good elevator in e1m5 but I had to shoot a rocket in my face at the very end, like wtf. Bad e1m4 though.


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