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The Doom League

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Hey Doomworld!

Recently, I founded a Doom League that goes by the creative name of "The Doom League!" This new ultimate league of Dooming should help new Doomers make their names known, but veterans show their power! The league’s other information can be found at http://doomleague.wordpress.com/

Please stop by!

- Drusus

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Problems this league will likely face:

1) Player base too small to support 24 teams. If the IDL pulls in ~70/80 players per season after being totally established, for what reason will this league be able to draw in close to ~125 players? After all, that's about how many you'd need to try and cover all of the players dropping out of the 96 roster spots.

2) The player base doesn't care enough. The SICL had official engine backing and still had a hard time fielding dedicated teams of decent players over its various seasons. If I remember correctly, it folded during one season and probably should have during others.

3) Lack of organization/man power. There's only one week of the schedule up on the site right now. Making balanced schedules are hard, just ask Creaphis. On top of that, who will make sure that all players are following the rules, who will be checking demos, who will be ensuring that players aren't cheating or aliasing? In a league so big with minimal supervision, why don't I sign up under two names if my teams are likely to never meet at all?

4) Competition. The IDL, SICL, and others aren't going to be interested in allowing another league to attempt to poach from the same player base and will likely do whatever they can to stifle it. An advantage that this league has though is that it plans to run during the IDL off season, which brings me to my next point.

5) Attention spans. How can a league expect players to sign up for a hobby league nine months before it even begins and still be around/interested come September? Player turnover in the IDL is pretty significant and it has a stable player base, whereas Skulltag has little in the way of a stable competitive base currently.

Rome wasn't built in a day.

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shut up ralphis, your stupid idl is done. DONE.

moon dolphins go!

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