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Pendulum MIDIs

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I've made it a personal goal to sequence, as faithfully as possible, all the songs by Pendulum from their three albums into MIDI. They do some seriously kick-ass stuff and I know at least a couple people in the Doom community are Pendulum fans, so I thought I might as well list what I've done so far into this project. :P

It's gonna take a long time - in total they've done 31 songs on official albums, and the songs themselves are exceedingly complex compositions. However, I've done four of the simplest tracks on Immersion on my own so far. I'm collaborating with Icytux on an arrangement of Showdown.

Here's the complete list.

Hold Your Colour:
None yet.

In Silico:
01. Showdown (WIP with Icytux)

01. Genesis
05. Crush
06. Under the Waves
12. Witchcraft

Please enjoy, and feel free to use wherever you see fit. :D Credit, as always, is required.

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