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Hosting multiple wads

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Ive only recently started hosting LAN games on doom and have no idea how to host multiple wads.

What if i want a gun mod like Modern Warfare 2 wad while playing on Alien Vendetta?

Whenever i load those two together in skulltag and try to join it says i must have the same wads.

Im sure there is some stupidly simple answer to this.

Sorry if this was posted before.

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For best results, zip them and distribute them. That normally works best so everyone's WADs are the same time/size.

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We all have the same wads. Thats not the problem anyway.

In skulltag if i put in UACLABS.wad(map) and xguns.wad(gun mod) i cant connect to my server if i host it online. It will work offline but not online. If i try to connect with UACLABS.wad then it says i need the same wads as the server because im not using xguns.wad but if i then try to connect with xguns.wad i dont have UACLABS.wad.

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