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Young Cyberdemon

Sky Issues

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Oh DB2, I have set my configurations to Skulltag (Doom in hexen format), and have also added many resources to get many different sky textures. The only one that looks like a sky and not a celing is F_SKY1, and all the others don't work. How can I get them to work?

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DB2 can only use what you have in your level already.
And to get it into your level you need a lump editor, such as Slade3.

You will have to use MAPINFO with something like this:

map map01 "Red Sky"
sky1 RED1 0.1
sky2 RED2 0.1
music D_Runnin
next Map02
where you supply the images for RED1 and RED2.

Perhaps you want to read up on skies

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How do I find the text file for a map in my wad? It isn't seperate from the wad and I don't know where to find it.

I'm new to this, not used to doing much out of doom builder lol.

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