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Hello, how i can edit interface of Doom 1 of Doom 2 ? For example, menu with HP,AMMO and else . Or how edit a start menu ( where NEW GAME,EXIT,LOAD,SAVE ) . Please, answer me, where i can search textures of menu for edit and with what program i can edit ?
And else i tell about other textures, such as textures of monsters,weapons...

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Status bar graphics are prefixed with ST and menu graphics with M_.

  1. Use SLADE3 (or any other lump management tool) to open your IWAD and use its filter to locate the lumps.
  2. Write down the lump names and dimensions of graphics and their offsets.
  3. Make your own replacement graphics with your favorite image manipulation program. Remember that the graphics must conform to the Doom palette (unless you are using a source port with truecolor support), they must be exactly the same size as those in the IWAD (unless you use a source port that supports scaling), they must have the same offsets and they must have the same name.
  4. Insert those graphics in your wad.
Sprites (monster, weapon and decoration graphics) are located between S_START and S_END markers, flats (floor textures) between F_START and F_END, patches (parts of a texture) between P_START and P_END. A list of all patches is located in the PNAMES lump and all wall textures are stored inside TEXTURE1 and TEXTURE2 lumps.

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