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Soul Cube Doom 2

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I suppose you're referring to the soul cube found in Doom 3.
Try looking in the Zdoom Forums there is a mod over there that adds Doom 3 weapons (even the soul cube).
Although I think it's kinda pointless, if i wanted those weapons I'll simply play Doom 3

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The Ultimate DooMer said:

But what if you wanted to kill more than a few enemies at once with it? :p

A NUTS cracker?

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call me a necromancer !

i thanks people here, i wanted to see if i can take a piece of a doom 3 weapon mod for doom 2, to make nightmare skill level less hard.

i have no problem playing videogames on normal difficulty, and on doom i play ultra violence for the extra monster placed in the map.

i wanted to see if i can enjoy the "monster respawn" mechanic, so far i found out i can survive as long as i get ammo/health pickup/armor...

but health and armor drain up, so i either no every level like the pockets of my pants, or i am screwed...

a solution ?

maybe implementing the soul cube, as a way of restocking health will help... enemies are unlimited, but you can convert kills into health... then it is not the knowledge of the map and how quick you complete it that matters, but taking less damage/than the cube can give you... and the cube recharge on the unlimited monsters death.


wish me good luck as i am just a basic coder, and i will try to scrounge for usable code data in the mod suggested here, to live my dream of playing doom on nightmare.

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On 7/19/2020 at 12:03 AM, Doom fan said:

What kind of wad is this?




i am still working on it, the standard version is 100% done, charges with 66 kills, shoots a homing bouncing projectile that can multihit

the n64 isn't done, i should try to adapt different graphic for it, so far the graphic needs some tweakings.

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Posted (edited)

Oh I mean, I thought it was done. Well, it's going to be a good big wad out of size.

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On 7/28/2020 at 2:38 PM, Doom fan said:

Oh I mean, I thought it was done. Well, it's going to be a good big wad out of size.

the soulcube used everywhere except doom64 is 100% done, i plan to try to create an alternate version just for doom64


the archive has gzdoom, soundtracks, sigil, the lost episodes, master levels for doom 2, no rest for the living, perdition gate, hell 2 pay, doom64 rtr

(it misses ultimate doom 1, doom 2, tnt, plutonia wads)

also has a mod that sets damage dealt and taken +50% 

and has my mod who change gameplay a bit and adds the soulcube to the doomplayer

my mod is 100% done for all doom levels, there is a doom64 version of my mod but i still need to make a custom graphic for the soul cube. just for doom64.

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