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Magnum Express

Importing new textures and sprites

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I have tried to do this several times and I have failed each time. If someone could give me step-by-step instructions, that would be helpful.
Programs I Use:
1. Doom Builder 2
2. XWE
3. WhackEd 2

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Are you wanting to replace exisitng sprites or create new ones?

As for textures thats easy, depending on what files you use to import.


Step 1: Load up XWE with your pwad (your own wad)

Step 2: Double click 'PATCHES'. This will bring a browser to search for your desired texture.

Step 3: Once you have found that texture click on it and XWE will automatically create a patch for it AND import it into your textures file.

You can also do this for an entire file. However you will encounter problems when it comes to merging other wads where the texture set up is not set up into a texture file, but that is for more advanced texture imports.

Hope this helps, if it didn't this tutorial will be of some help:


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I use Deutex and Deu

This page explains how to use Deutex to create a Pwad containing the new textures, sprites or whatever:


Then I merge the texture pwad with the level pwad using Deu.

I know there must be a million ways to do it easier, but it works.

However, this will replace the sprites without affecting the ennemies characteristics (dammage, power...)

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