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Where do you live?

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Where are you from? Doomworld Forum is a really large and worldwide-popular community, so I think we are from the most different places of the world. For example, pcorf is from Australia, Tormentor667 is from Germany, Adam Hegyi the famous speedrunner is from Hungary (Middle-Europe), KimoXVirus is from Egypt, tatsurd-cacocaco is from Japan, etc.

I'm from Hungary :) And you?

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Orpington, which is either Kent or London depending on who you ask. Definitely in England.

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To those from the US, a more precise post should be required, since there are many people of different origins who reside in the US. I for starters am of Puerto Rican descent.

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iori said:

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

I lived in Black Creek for about 4 years, the island is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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