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Adding textures

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Hi all, so Ive decided to return to doom mapping after 6 months, since then I have forgot almost everything and I need to get back into it, but my question is, when I want to add textures to a wad the textures lose its colors, e.g. a box, the box is dark grey and there are logos in blue on it, when I add it to wad the box is light grey and the logos are orange and so on. How can I fix his, if you know what I mean. Thanks

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The colors are lost because the tool you're using is converting the image to the Doom format, which forces it to be also converted to the Doom palette.

A solution would be to use a different tool (e.g., SLADE3) and convert the image to PNG. Then it'd work correctly in ports that support PNG and truecolor, such as GLBoom+ and GZDoom.

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ah, thanks a lot :)

//Edit: well I have downloaded SLADE and added those textures they work, I compiled the file to a wad but when I merge my wad and those textures in XWE the textures again lose colors, I tried to open DB2 new map and add extra resources Ive directed it to my textures wad but when I wanted to see those textures they didnt show up.

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