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Question about DECORATE

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I change string in decorate code.
First there was : "actor SuperZombieMan : ZombieMan replaces ArmorBonus"

without quotes.

Then, I changed ArmorBonus to number 14166 ,because 14166 don't use at standart editor numbers.
And the chunk of code has become so:
"actor SuperZombieMan : ZombieMan replaces 14166" . Also,without quotes.

Then,i save it DECORATE.txt in zdoom.pk3 through program SLumpEd. Later,i loading my_map.wad in doom builder 2 , and when map loaded , i see next error :

"Unable to load resources from location "C:\Zdoom_compiled\zdoom.pk3". Please make sure the location is accessible and not in use by another program. The resources will now be loaded with this location excluded. You may reload the resources to try again.
IOException when creating data reader: Multiple files with the same filename in the same directory are not allowed. See: "DECORATE.txt")"

And I'll say it again, I did everything according to instructions http://zdoom.org/wiki/New_User%27s_Guide_to_editing_with_DECORATE

And i have error without change ArmorBonus,also.

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Sticking with the example you pointed to, it should be like this:

actor SuperZombieMan : ZombieMan replaces ArmorBonus 14166
  health 1000
  speed 16
  obituary "%o was slaughtered by a strangely powerful zombie."
    POSS E 5 A_FaceTarget
    POSS F 5 A_TroopAttack
    POSS E 4
    goto See
Open your map with SlumpEd, or better still SLADE3, make a new lump DECORATE and copy/paste the text, save.

With Doombuilder2 insert a SuperZombieMan, save.

Run with ZDoom or GZDoom.

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