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Pentagram in DB2

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There's a quick way to make them which I've used myself which doesn't look too bad.

First of all, draw two squares, one inside the other. This will be your outer circle.

Use the curve tool to turn the two squares into two circles.

Now, using your own judgement, draw a pentagram using the points of the inner circle. You'll need to lower the gride size quite a lot if you want it really even.

Once you've got one you're happy with, you'll need to give it some thickness. Copy/paste each sector of the pentagram either one at a time, or all at once, shrinking it down so it sits inside the previous shape of your pentagram.

You should then have the linework you need to finish it up and create a cool looking pentagram :)

There's probably a better way than this involving maths or something crazy, but I think as long as it's even enough, most players won't notice.

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whoops, i meant pentagon! And I was wondering if there was a draw tool for odd-number-sided shapes. There is in a few older editors. Ah well, Thanks gazebo :)

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For a pentagon:

Make a circle with 20 sides (there may be a better way):
  Draw a square.
  Select the top and bottom lines.
  Click curve linedefs.
  Set vertices to 9, check "fixed circular curve", angle 180.
  Check "curve backwards" if necessary.
  Select the vertices in the top half and move them down to complete the circle.

Draw lines around the inside of the circle connecting vertices, skipping 3 of the vertices each time.

Select the outer sector and delete it.

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Slade Map Editor allows you to create X-Sided regula geometrical shapes.

For a pentagon, just tell Slade to draw a 5 sides one and you are done.

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Did everyone forgot you can put pictures on the background in DB? :P Just find a good picture with google and put it on the background and draw over it. Although it is possible to change the background scale and offset, you don't have to mess around with the picture size and positioning on the background really. Just do it in a new map, save your work as prefab, then load it in your map and you can resize and position it easily.

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