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Doom 1.9 + Gravis Ultrasound = bells on E1M8

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I configured Ultrasound in DOSBox to use it with Doom. I have two versions of Doom - 1.2 and Ultimate 1.9.

In 1.2 E1M8 music has that normal drums at the beginning. In 1.9 I hear bells instead. Checking Doom versions page at wiki I saw that in version 1.5 GUS instruments mapping was "improved". So were the bells intended or it is a mistake?

There are two oddities: Doom 3do arranged soundtrack also has bells in E1M8 music, just more natural sounding. On the other hand, Doom 2 Map01 music with Ulrtasound has some really f**ked up percussion at the beginning. What gives?

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I'm not convinced by most other changes, but the bells are a nice touch.

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Ah, so this is the 3DO version. I've had this mp3 for ages and I never knew where it came from. I've always liked the bells, it lends a lonely tone to the song.

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