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DOOM 2 Monster Decorate files

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They're not in doom2.wad of course. In the original game, actor logic is entirely hardcoded in the executable.

ZDoom, like all ports which externalized the original actors with a content definition language, converted their code from C to the scripting language used (here, DECORATE) and the logic is now contained in the port's data files, i.e. zdoom.pk3.

If you want to look at them for references, they're also all available on the ZDoom wiki. Look here.

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Thanks for that, I found them.

I wanted to take a custom monster from someone elses mod (with credit of course) and put it into mine.

I'm not sure how do do this, well actually it was really simple the only trouble is that his monster replaces the zombie man, I have only ported over the sprites and some sounds and the game (without a decorate file) seems to replace the zombieman.

Obviously there must be a script somewhere saying 'replaces zombieman'. That's the problem though, how can the scirpt be replaced if there is no decorate file? If there is how do I find it?

Thanks guys your help is really appreciated.

EDIT: It only gets replaced when I add a decorate file copied from the wolfenstein SS.

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ZDoom's actor definitions are contained in lumps named DECORATE, so it makes sense that the replacement would happen when you copy the DECORATE lump.

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Thats the thing though, I simply exported the sprites and sound files without a decorate file for the zombie man or the replacing monster.

All I did was import a decorate file from doom2.wad for the WolfensteinSS. When that decorate file is imported the zombie man suddenly changes, which is odd because he shouldn't be.

What connection the zombieman and the WolfensteinSS have I don't know, but suddenly using the Wolfenstein SS decorate file WITH the sprites and sounds for the other monster it suddenly makes zombieman change.

Which doesn't make sense because there is no decorate file telling him to be replaced. Is is something to do with the coding?

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Alphawolf said:

All I did was import a decorate file from doom2.wad for the WolfensteinSS.

There is no such thing. There are no DECORATE files in doom2.wad. Not for the WolfSS, and not for anything else.

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