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creating my own MIDI?

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I have no idea how to do this, but would love to learn how...

do I need to play instruments, record them, and then convert them into this type of audio?

is the software free?

where could I find MIDIs that have already been made for doom specificly?

-Thanks to anyone who takes the time to help

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If you want some music specifically tailored to your requirements, then check out the Doom Musicians Guild forum. Launch a request there for a MIDI and someone should be able to pick it up.

There's still a lot of MIDI stuff floating around for use in Doom mods, much of it created by avid Doom players. See here.

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Midis are made using programs like sequencers, there are many programs on the net, many free- It's about finding the one for you and getting used to it.

No recording needed at all~

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Short answer: no.

Longer answer: technically yes, but it's highly unlikely the outcome would be correct.

Full answer: read this.

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Caught in an IP range maybe.

The post was in reply to someone asking if it was possible to automatically convert MP3 to MIDI:

It is indeed possible, but what you'll get is just automatized guesswork.

MIDI is sheet music for computers. There's the same difference between a MIDI file and an MP3 file that there is between a text file and an image. If there is text written on an image, you can use some OCR software to turn it back into text; but you com e:cpcl 5ume strrngc resvll5. Sorry, that should have read "but you can expect some strange results".

And likewise, just like optical character recognition is not perfect and computers generally do a worse job at it than a literate human would, acoustic note recognition is not perfect and computers will generally do a worse job at it than a human who knows his solfege would.

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