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help with guardsphere implementation

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Hi, I am completely new to adding custom sprites into wads. I seem to be successful in getting more than one additional monster in a single wad. I grabbed the guardsphere item pickup from Realm 667, opened it up with SLADE3 and copied all of its lumps from there and placed them into my wad. I changed the name of the guardsphere DECORATE lump to DEC_GSPH and included it in my main DECORATE lump. I load Doom Builder 2 and the guardsphere sprite appears perfect, right in the Decorate category. however, when I test the map, the loading screen is abruptly haulted with an error stating the following:

"Execution could not continue.

Script error, "collaboration.wad:DEC_GSPH" line 10:
"Inventory.AlwaysActivate" is an unknown flag"

im not saying I dont understand this error, for I do know where this "error" is located... this DECORATE lump was this way when I got it. it says on realm 667 that the pallete is custom (can be anything,correct?)

im using doombuilder 2, SLADE3, and skulltag 0.98d for testing.

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Huh? "Inventory.AlwaysActivate" isn't a valid flag name. It should be "Inventory.AutoActivate".

How did this go overlooked?

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