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Forcing Ceiling Heights

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I'm mucking around with a map idea that involves having a number of buildings in a large outdoor yard and I'm not sure if this has been done - I think what I'm wanting to do would probably involve having to use a port that supports 3D floors, but I'm not entirely sure since I am pretty new to Doom mapping.

Specifically, I want to make a building you can actually enter that looks lower than the sky of the map and has a proper ceiling but there doesn't seem to be a way to do this that I've found - if I lower the ceiling of a given sector I then have to texture the upper sidedefs, so there's no real height variation between buildings that you can actually enter - they all reach to the sky.

Could that be done with a transparent texture for the upper sidedefs?

I suppose that does raise another question though - if I were able to do what I want, what would happen if I viewed the building from another building that is higher and allowed me to see the "roof" of the lower building?

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i think i know what you mean and it's not possible without 3D floors. what happens is anything behind it gets blocked by an ugly wall of sky. the only way to do it would be to put the building in a place where the player could never see any taller buildings behind the short hollow building. but if you were on a higher building looking down on it, you would not see inside the building but instead just sky inside it.

see this example wad
anything taller behind the short hollow building gets covered by sky. one solution would be to move the hollow building to the corner of the map, so the player wouldn't be able to get behind it far enough to see above it. but there would still be the slight glitch of not being able to see a roof on it from standing on a taller building.

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Depending on the map layout, you might be able to get away with surrounding the building with a layer of "outside" sector that has a lower ceiling height. This effect is used in several stock maps.

However, if the map layout lets you look at a taller building partially behind a lower one, the trick will be exposed for what it is, as the taller building will be "cut" by sky above the lower one.

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I think it can be done, but it depends on what you want the interior of the building to look like. To demonstrate, say you have a simple building comprised of four walls. Raise the walls to whatever height you want them to appear from the outside. Next, create a slightly smaller (say, eight units on every side) sector within the walls, but not touching any of the walls. Now, lower the ceiling of the innermost sector to where you want it to appear (it must be equal to or lower than the walls). Finally, remove the upper textures from all the lines comprising the innermost sector.

Theoretically (I haven't tried this, yet), the ceiling should look solid from inside the building and be completely transparent from the outside. Let me know if this works.:-)

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Andy Olivera said:

Let me know if this works.:-)

The flat bleeds onto the textures so the inside gets the effect you're trying to achieve. The outside doesn't. You've still got a big wall blocking your view of the level behind the building.

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