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ISO Doom 64 TC FAQ

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I would suggest to email him about this issue, which I plan to do also. Seeing as how I helped with a fair bit of content on that site, I'm also kinda upset that it's gone...

Hopefully he'll respond with some good news; if the site isn't coming back, I'm sure he'll be happy to provide the map images, at least.

I vaguely recall that the email he put on that site isn't his current one... I could be wrong though.

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J-selva said:

I would suggest to email him about this issue,

I emailed his "easy" address a few days ago, but so far nuthin. :/ I'll look around for other contact info.

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I was right... He does have a more recent email address. I don't if posting his email address just here is permitted or not, so I'll PM you it for now...

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I noticed that the Custom Maps section of his FAQ have all the mentions and downloads links of custom Absolution maps removed. Was this because of dead links?

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Along with the other TC HTML files, he had sent me a revised version of his old page for custom maps, and only gave this reference to it in an email:

"[...] I checked through and fixed the first page so it doesn't link back to my old homepage. I also had links to maps I was hosting on the 'd64custm' page which I removed, and a page on emulation that is obsolete since the arrival of Doom64EX. [...]"

If you've got custom Doom 64 TC maps to host, email 'em to me with title and description, and I can add them (back) to the page.

EDIT: Email it or just gimme a download link, whateva. :)

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