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Texture misalignment oddities

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Jenesis Part 1 seems to be suffering a few glaring visual oddities in different sourceports.

PrBoom+ shows the perfectly normal STEP2 wall texture like this.
It also misaligns this texture.

ZDoom has no problem with STEP2.
Nor this texture.

I'm really not sure of what's going on here. Could this be due to a malformed TEXTURES1 lump, or something? :S

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It's a bug in Doom's texture loader. Patches with negative y-offsets in the texture are drawn as though their y-offset is 0. (The patch offset in texture1, not the texture offset in the map.) Some ports fix it, others don't. It also affects one of the tekwall textures (tekwall1 I think), as well as compohso and some other more subtle ones.

A similar bug is that textures defined as shorter than their patches will still draw the entire patch's height if used as a midtexture.

Up-to-date versions of ZDoom and Eternity fix these, and presumably most GL ports do, too.

Anyway, you can work around it and make it look the same in all ports by making a custom texture that looks as intended but uses a single custom-made patch that combines the pieces together properly.

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