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Mixing MIDIs

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I'm really trying to get some new music for my maps and of all the hours I spent messing around with Midi Maker and Anvil Studio, I simply don't know how to plot notes and compose music the way I want it to sound.

There are plenty of midi music resources but it feels shitty to just snag them and be done with it. Especially since a lot of them don't loop and can sometimes sound terrible as doom music. I decided I was gonna try clipping out sections of midis and cutting and pasting riffs to create some loops. Here's a couple I did. It's evident that I didn't do much to these that's different from their original versions besides trim out some parts that didn't sound good in midi and shift a few things around. Soon I'll try mixing two songs together and really transforming them. How am I doing?

The first one is Old School Hollywood by System of a Down, the second is Attack by the same band. I think there's something weird with the timing in the second one but I can't figure out what I did wrong or how to fix it.


And the site I got it from. http://allsoad.info/midi.php

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I hated the first track after 8 seconds. The second track sounded much more usable from the 30 seconds I listened to it.

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I'd suggest you put direct links to MIDIs on your posts here, so I can play them directly from the browser as I click them :)

EDIT: I don't care if the sound doesn't loop. Windows 7 actually makes sure that SDL running apps don't loop their midis elegantly, by locking up the whole program while the song is restarting. And I love the omnipresent solos anyway.

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added a couple more. 03 is Mr. Jack by System of a down. 04 is Temper with the heavy parts trimmed out also by SOAD. 05 is Scars of the Crucifix by Deicide. Still on the hunt for some really heavy blast beat type stuff to work with though.

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