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Train Texture

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If you're happy with a Danish train (and why not? They are very comfortable), then there is this.

The txt grants permission as follows:

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels, as long as credit is given and authors are notified ...

The train entries start with "TOG" (which is the Danish word for train).

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Err, no idea how to use it, I want only exterior one-side texture from side, cause the train will only pass by, there will be no other usage :) just for a effect :D

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Ra02 said:

Err, no idea how to use it, I want only exterior one-side texture from side....

    1. Download hbg2v2.zip, and open it in your DooM2 folder.
    2. You can either run the batch file (INSTALL.BAT) to append the sprites to your DooM2.wad (it will not modify DooM2.wad) ... OR
    3. .... simply open up hbg2v2.pad (yes, it's got a .pad extension rather than a .wad extension) in a resource editor such as XWE, SLADE, or SlumpEd.
    4. If you use Step 2, above, run the game to see what the trains look like.
    5. If you skip Step 2 and open the .pad file in a resource editor, look for the patches with names starting with TOG (as Grazza suggests).
My suggestion is that you actually play the game to see how the textures have been applied, then extract them and use accordingly.

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