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Multiplayer support

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What enhancements do coop and deathmatch play need in FreeDoom levels?
It seems to depend on the style of play.
I prefer to keep the original feel of the level for coop play.

First, the multiplayer starts need to be included.
The coop play starts are together in one place (4 of them ??).
The deathmatch starts are scattered such that there are no easy kills (8 of them ??).

Tuning the weapons, ammo, and powerups, is done using the sprite
difficulty flags.

Infinitely available weapons, to me, are only appropriate in deathmatch play. I believe the engines handle that automatically or by option switches.

One exception would be some kind of armory or supply room that can be considered full of weapons and ammo.
The same thing can be said of other heath and bonuses which can
be found in quantity in medical supply or other kinds of supply rooms.

Don't know what to do about powerups.

Coop play:
Should not require much change as there is the same ratio of weapons to monsters.
There can be more monsters added for coop play and corresponding more weapons and ammo.
Can supply extra startup weapons near the multiplayer starts ??
Coop should add x4 more of the supply sprites in all kinds of supply rooms.

Deathmatch play:
How much deathmatch are the FreeDoom levels going to support, being
that there is a FreeDM set of levels.
I would say include minimal support, at least so deathmatch can play through all levels.
The engines will remove monsters and change weapon availability automatically, so the level design does not need to address that.
Some special weapons may need to be moved.
No need to supply all weapons, but each deathmatch player should have equal access to the same powerful weapons.
The most powerful weapons can be duplicated for each player, or one placed at a place equally difficult and dangerous for all players to reach.

For those members who have played multiplayer:
What are the usual level enhancements for multiple player ??
What is minimal adequate ??

I invite in this thread, general comments on what enhancement the levels need for coop play, and observations on specific FreeDoom levels.

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