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How to upload a file to the internet

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ReX said:

Read this.

(Assuming you want your wad to go into idgames.)

No offence but FTP is a little too hard for a beginner!

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If you can't be bothered to make any effort yourself, you can't expect anyone to talk you through it step by step.

Read the instructions that Rex linked to, and actually try to follow them. If and when you hit problems, then make a post describing the specific problem that you had, and give enough detail so that people have a realistic chance of actually being able to help solve the problem.

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skib said:

I'm dumb when it comes to simple things so please explain the asiest way anyone!

That sounds like a bit of a cop out. However, in the interest of helping someone who could become a contributing member of the DooM community, here are the essentials:

    1. Get an FTP client and install it on your computer. FTP = file transfer protocol. I use FireZilla, and it is efficient and stable. You can get an FTP client by following the links on Item 15 of the link I first posted.
    2. Follow the rest of the instuctions on Item 4 of the link I first posted.
As an alternative, you can email your wad to someone that knows his/her way around an FTP client and they can upload it for you. I don't recommend this method - the whole "give a man fish and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish, etc. etc."

Let us hope that you put more effort into creating your wads than you do learning the basics of uploading them.

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2.Click the button that says Upload to mediafire
3.Click the button that says Click here to upload
4.Find file on your computer
5.Copy link
6.Post on doomworld.

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If you're uploading it to the idgames archive, then you should have read the rules:

Ty Halderman said:

All files must be ZIPped and have a same-named .TXT file
uploaded with it.

If you're just posting it on some other filesharing site, you can use .7z or .rar files, but I'd still go with .zip if I were you, as it's what most people expect.

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