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XWE vs Slade 3

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What is better?
XWE or Slade 3?

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Based off the criteria, I don't know. I haven't used them enough to really tell. So far, they're both good, but Slade 3 feels better (more organized, more stable).

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I find that XWE is arguably more intuitive, but this is coming from a user who has stubbornly stuck with said tool - despite it being outdated and buggy at times - after trying to adapt to SLADEx. To be perfectly fair, I have to say you should go with SLADE3 to start with if you want to end up being able to do much more than XWE. Besides... SLADE3 is actually still being updated and has a few more features (I use "few" in a sarcastic tone here) than XWE.

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