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WADs like Revolution?

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Thomas van der Velden's Revolution! is a great work, it's sure. IMO it's one of the the best WADs I've ever played. It has a fantastic feeling with a realistic design and progressive maplist.

But I finished and I want more! Do you know any similar WADs? If yes, please send link!

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Not Jabba said:

I think Kama Sutra is very similar in detail (but very different in gameplay).

You're right. I've thought about that previously.

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I think this is a genuinely difficult question to answer, as there aren't many wads like it. Few wads have quite the same cuteness, and general sense of fun that the medium-sized, well-balanced, low-difficulty, moderate-realism maps of TVR offered.

One thing that for me defined them was that you could play through them many times and find new aspects to enjoy each time. The low difficulty meant that most maps could be played in a wide range of categories, and the often non-linear nature offered many route options to try out within those categories. From that viewpoint, wads that spring to mind include dmonfear and icarus, though in the former case the structures aren't as pleasing, and the latter has more space(ship) themes.

From a realism viewpoint, ksutra may indeed be considered appealing in a similar way (KS map15 is a striking case - compare to TVR map05). I haven't tried the lower skill levels, but they might be worth a look if you want to try playing without an intense battle raging. Maybe Osiris could be considered, but that's moving away from traditional Doom themes. Then there's T. Elliot Cannon's Odyssey, which has realistic themes from differing time periods. You could take a look at extremal, which is heavy on buildings, and also features things like a theatre - though some levels are more abstract. Marswar offers some levels that might fall into the desired category, as does h2h-xmas. Chris Lutz's maps offer a high degree of realism, but with a much greater complexity and often more linearity too. You could try rebirth too, but I never found it offered much replayability.

I hope some of those suggestions are useful.

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Rebirth is a megawad of smallish maps with interesting graphics replacements, which Grazza already mentioned but I'm going to post about it anyway. Scythe is another megawad of small, highly replayable maps, though you are certain to be familiar with it already. I need to find a thesaurus for the word "already."

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