I was looking through old files and CDs looking for Hexen.wad, and I finally found it stashed away on a 64MB flash drive. The problem is though, I've never had it patched since I first got it a while back. It is still the 1.0 version of the IWAD, which means Chocolate-Hexen can't play it and ZDoom has error messages at all of the finale screens (and I can pig my way through the Castle of Grief :] ).

I've tried everything I can to get some kind of a patch for it, but to no avail. Google churns out a bunch of porn and ads when I try to find it. Looking up "Hexen 1.1", "Hexen Patch", and "1.1 Patch" turn up no results on the idgames archive. Doomworld apparently used to have it on the patches page, but all of the links are dead and redirect to AtomicGamer.com, which also doesn't have it. Are there any websites with this patch left, and will the patch even work if I don't have the DOS EXE anymore?