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Deep Thoughts

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Loathing and dumb, gross but cool
Disabled yet simple, a blithering fool
Punched in the mouth then kicked in the balls
Like Lisa Left Eye, you're chasin' the falls

Printers and jeans, pine cones and crayons
Heavy set women that you know as round
As dumb as they come, you embark on a journey
Rain falls from the sky, you land on a gurney

All the times that they said, if I were you
Please write them all down - then buy some new shoes
Well if you were me, you just couldn't be
Because I am the only me that you will see

Wrapped up in yourself, you know I am too
And wrapped up together we're wrapped up times two
Or perhaps we are squared - so divide us back down
Now Alone once again in a hole in the ground

EDIT: Analysis is due Friday, February 11th to receive full credit

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Received no analysis from any students in the class. All students have been withdrawn with failing grades.

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Not my fault, the Cacodemon ate my homework--I've got a note from my mom to prove it.

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