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projectiles spawning projectiles

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Maybe. It depends on which function is used to spawn the subprojectile. If it transfers its parent's "target" pointer, then yes. If it uses its parent as the target pointer, then no.

All projectile-spawning functions in the vanilla exe write the parent as the projectile's target, so you won't have any luck with DeHackEd tricks.

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i'm using DECORATE with skulltag. i really need to remember to specify which port. but i'm creating a flamethrower. if a flame ball hits a wall or floor, it will spawn a fire. if it hits an actor, it will spawn a fire that sticks to them. the idea is that if anybody walks too close to the fire, it'll kill them.

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You'd need to use A_SpawnItemEx here, but unfortunately I think Skulltag doesn't have the transfer pointers flag yet, so you're out of luck.

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