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monster in small nook - doesn't stand and shoot

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This may be kind of a newb question, sorry. I tried searching for variations on the question like "monster won't shoot" and "monster shoot in place" and came up dry.

I have some setups like this:

Player is coming from the right, in a large-ish space. The arachnotron's sector is raised up 96-ish so he can't leave it.

My expectation is that he'd see the player and start firing from his spot in very short order. But he tends to walk around in his little sector a lot and wastes time not firing at the player. When I try making his sector smaller, just big enough to cover his collision size, he just sits in place. Making it larger improves his reaction but makes it more difficult to design the space around. (and in this particular case, I want him to stay put so the player can telefrag him later)

This happens with most ranged monsters, not just arachnotrons. Basically I want to use these guys as stationary turrets. What am I missing? Is this even possible in vanilla Doom? I could swear I've played lots of WADs where this was done.

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Hmm, that's sort of a hard setup to figure out. Monsters like Arachnotrons and Mancubus are a little finicky when it comes to their bounding boxes; it's probably the same oddity when it comes to trying to tyson them. I actually ran into this issue while working on a previous map a month or two ago. I had some Arachnotrons sitting in a wall alcove and the space was set to have an 8px space between the walls and the Arachnotron's box. But that didn't turn out to be enough space for them to move and thus attack. I was able to make the spaces big enough to fix the problem, but since you want to confine the monster where it can later be telefragged...I don't know, that's a difficult situation. You may have to just do a little trial and error with the size of the sector and see if there's a middle ground between allowing the monster to move and attack but be constrained enough where it can still be telefragged. I'm not sure I could help you beyond seeing the map for myself.

It always seemed like Arachnotron's would walk around a lot more than a normal monster would before attacking, but maybe I'm just crazy :P

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Yeah this has always been a hard thing to do, and I don't think there is any way around it other than finding an optimal space to accommodate the monster.

You could possibly try to create a DeHackEd patch to reduce the duration of each frame in the chase state. This would require adding more frames though to the chase state to compensate for the increase in animation speed. Shorter frame durations will increase the likelihood of the monster to stop and start shooting and not get hung up in it's AI.

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