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monster targeting problems

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I created a new version of the mancubus. here is the missile code:


FATT G 20 a_facetarget

FATT A 0 a_jump(128,"fireball")

Goto wet

Fatt H 2 a_custommissile("burningnapalm",30,10)
Fatt I 2
Fatt H 2 a_custommissile("burningnapalm",30,-10)
Fatt I 2

Goto See


FATT G GGGGGGGGGGGGGG 5 a_custommissile("napalmball",35,0,0)
FATT I 3 a_custommissile("burningnapalm",30,10)

goto see

the problem is, when it jumps to wet, the mancubus turns with me whenever i fire, instead of continuing to fire where i was. why is that?

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