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Freeware: Suspension of Disbelief

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Updated to version 1.3!

Game now features splash screens for clearing or losing a level. Also tweaked the Game Over mechanics: if at any time you die with no allies, it's Game Over.

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Hey, I love the art work! It looks very fresh.

Whenever I get a screen with the map title I keep waiting, expecting the game is loading... but in reality it is not and I should just press a button. Perhaps the screens could read "press any key" :-)

And those bats are damn annoying :-)

The game takes some getting used to and it would feel more complete with more sound effects. Other than that it is a cool experience.

Keep up the good work!

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t.v. said:

Perhaps the screens could read "press any key" :-)

I keep forgetting to put that in. I'll probably have it in 2.0

There's still other things to be fixed anyway, like a bug i just discovered where you get stuck in the floor if your ally dies while standing against a wall....

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