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Magnum Express

Missing Textures

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I found a texture pack that contains textures from Final Doom, but I can only find/use a very small amount of them in Doom Builder. I've tried loading them as a resource, and I have even put them into a seperate WAD, but nothing has seemed to work. By the way, I got the texture pack from Realm667.com

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I'm not surprised you're having problems, there are two PNAMES and TEXTURE1 lumps in that wad - copy/pasted from Plutonia and TNT without any attempt being made to reconcile their contents. Previewing the first texture lump in XWE produces some very strange results. You could try deleting the first PNAMES/TEXTURE1 lump pair and use the wad as a TNT texture pack, or the second pair if you prefer Plutonia's textures or do what Clonehunter should have done and merge the two sets of lumps.

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Don't know that Slade or XWE are particularly well suited for that job. I'm doing an experimental merge using DeuTex and a text editor, will let you know how I got on tomorrow.

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