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3D JumpnRun in Zdoom

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A while ago I wanted to make my own 3D JumpnRun in Zdoom, similiar to Sonic Robo Blast 2. I played my REALLY early version of the game yesterday again and decided to upload it here to know if it is going in the right direction, gameplay-wise.

My basic idea was that you play one of my characters I used in
earlier games (a male cartoon cat) and have him defend his colorful cartoon world from all kinds of aliens and demons (however, not the ones from Doom, they were not even drawn yet), using only his sword. It would have a twist - everything looks like a kiddie game and suddenly you have monsters that get ripped apart and fly across the screen in pieces.
Every enemy could be defeated with one hit and the game focuses more on typical JumpnRun challenges. Overall I like how it plays - very fluid and fast in my opinion.

Here are some screenshots from the test level (just imagine everything colourful and cartoony while playing :D ):

You run...


..and use your almighty swooooord! (even if it looks pretty crappy on a screenshot, but very fluid ingame)

While you play you will notice that his tail appears and disappears a lot - that was because I wanted to finish the main animation first before adding details.

The controls were supposed to be:
WASD to move
Right Click to Jump
Left click to use the sword
and the Mouse to look around

This is the test level where you can defeat enemies while you jump and run around.

Make sure to turn the chaseCam cheat, jumping and Software Mode on (it looks weird in OpenGL)! I have to find a way to force that through scripting. I hope it runs the way it was supposed to on other versions of ZDoom.
I also added some super happy videogame music for whatever reason. :D

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