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rn14 question

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I have a question about playing this map on nightmare. I notice by the yellow key there is a baron and 2 hell knights. In my experience I can't remember ever seeing one of those hell knights respawn. Is there a reason for this?

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Well spotted!

The rules for nightmare respawning are more strict than those for spawning during level initialization. Monsters won't respawn if their start positions are covered in any way.

In this case the two hellknights' start positions are both slightly inside the walls behind them. Even though it's not far enough to prevent them from moving away from the wall, it is enough to prohibit their respawning.

[ I've seen this one before :-) In my case it was on doom2 map11, the imp on the plasma gun behind the archvile slightly overlaps the impassible bars behind it. Very confusing until properly debugged. ]

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