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Random textured Maps (1 done 2 planned)

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I was doing a speedmap last night and got lazy since I was tired. So i just started picking random texture to fill an area of the map. When doing this I got the idea to only use the textures that i randomly pick no matter how good or badly they fit together. Using Nick Bakers recolored textures (and custom sky and music) . After putting down the base texture I went back and tried to make the map look good.

Here is what came out. Requires ZDOOM (because of the music)


link to map 1 (is very easy)

map 2 in the works

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TheMionicDonut said:

Pretty lucky that the sky area turned out to be the sky texture.

That was very lucky for that to be picked (the sky windows were done in the second phase of detailing). I don't think the next map will come out as good as this one.

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