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Converted *.dwf to *.wad help

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Ok. So I've gotten around to start progress on a small, but simple doom wad. I used a *.dwf CAD file to convert to a *.wad file.

I've opened up the new *.wad file and all I have are sectorless linedefs. When I go into Make Sector mode in Doom Builder 2 I can't make a sector within the map, even if I close off a room. I've tried structure repair within the linedefs, but I think I'm doing more good than bad.

Clarification: Got empty sectorless wad with a lot of linedefs. Unable to make sectors. Need help. Can upload screenshots.

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Sent you the .wad via email. I would also like to know how to fix the problem myself for the future. I'm planning on making a small partial megawad based around the office building in Bellevue, WA. Though have some hellish features to them.

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To get your office.wad sector and lines worked out right will take a lot of work. I gave the lines sector references, but the problem is that many lines are facing the wrong way, are not connected to other lines and need to be connected manually and the majority of the lines in your map need to be 2 sided. If you understand how to edit in doombuilder, I assume you will be able to go through your wad and fix it yourself? I think this will take too much time for me to do.

The first thing you need to do is go through the wad and connect all the lines to the nearest vertices that aren't connected but look like they were meant to be. Then you need to look at all the lines and make sure they are facing the right way. If they need to be flipped, you'll have to swap the side def properties as well, so that your line doesn't have no first sidedef, but a second sidedef (which is a no-no). Third, you need to delete any lines that you think are serving no purpose. Forth, you need to look at which lines need a second sidedef and add the sidedefs where appropriate/necessary. Finally, you need to give your stair lines their own sectors.

How much experience with Doombuilder do you have?

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Novice experience round about with Doom Builder, both actually.

I can edit very well in it. I know the use of all the modes, I'm just a bit weak in scripting and triggers. I also thought of this being my first publically released map rather some of the junk I've made in the past.

I've read up on somethings that I need to have done, but I do think I am able to go in and fix the wad myself with little to no help.

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