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Porsche Monty

Wolfenstein 3D equivalent of Chocolate Doom

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Carmack chose this one as the basis for the iPhone port. Of course, that in itself is no guarantee of purism, given that it's an OpenGL port full of Quake II code.

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DaniJ said:

Perhaps Wolf4SDL?

Yep. This is about as close as you'll get to Chocolate Wolf3D. It has been ported to a lot of platforms, and was the base for Wolf3D for the PSP, which was in turn the base for Wolf3D for the 32X. :)

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Icculus', well, I can't test it, but considering my previous experience with linux applications, I don't think I'd be pleased.

Wolf3dredux. Too many things done wrong here. It's this close to being helpless, and of course, it's also miles away from what I'd consider a genuine "Chocolate" port.

Wolf4SDL, now you're talking. Looks like a very solid port, but altering the sample rate makes it crash on startup, and on the top of that, vsync is broken/unimplemented so it's useless as trying to get rid of the tearing only introduces even more undesirable artifacts. My God, where's the quality control these days?

Anyways, thanks again for the suggestions.

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Wolf4SDL may not be perfect, but it's a good base for a Chocolate Wolf3D. Because it IS done for SDL, it's easy to see what's being done so you can replace the code (if need be).

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