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Jenesis demos [Boom, complevel 9]

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17 minutes ago, TheV1perK1ller said:

Map 26 UV-Max

Will you actually record these runs for Youtube? I would like to watch these while I'm on a computer without PrBoom+.

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Just now, TheV1perK1ller said:

I would like to, but I first need to first some good video capturing software. Other than that I definitely would.

No problem. Take your time. I totally understand how frustrated that every time you change something, you need to configure a new environment is.

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As for MAP32, I've had this demo sitting on my computer for quite a while. Is it possible to get 100% kills on this map? If so, then I'll just post this failed run for now. I'm not touching MAP32 for a while since I have little patience for that map.

MAP32 Playthrough (-fast) in 7:04

jenesis32 - uv playthrough.zip

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Yes, it's possible to get 100% kills. You have to drop down to the next area before pressing the switch that raises the "nukage pool" near the end of the map. Pressing that switch also makes the area with the monsters you missed inaccessible.



For Andy: the demo above misses 5 monsters.

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9 hours ago, rehelekretep said:

fabulous demo. strange that the invuln is so... useless?

Depends when it's collected I guess. I would've loved to use it in the arena with the Megaarmor, but the distance between the two was awkward. Figured I'd settle for cleaning up the nearby Mancubi, Hell Knights and Imps since they gave me so much trouble in earlier runs. Was damn satisfying.

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