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Custom Weapon Speed Help

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I've made a weapon for Doom II and have the spirtes set up for animation, but the speed that it plays them is slow.

The Desert Eagle is an extra pistol and I want it to fire faster. Currently it fires half as fast as the regular pistol because it takes time running all the sprite animatons.

My question is how do I speed up sprite animation?

Here is the code for the decorate file:

Actor DesertEagle : Weapon 15555
Scale 0.75
Obituary "%o was splattered by %k pistol"
Radius 20
Height 16
AttackSound "Weapon/PistolFire"
Inventory.pickupmessage "You got the Pistol"
Weapon.SelectionOrder 400
Weapon.SlotNumber 2
Weapon.kickback 100
Weapon.ammotype "CLIP"
Weapon.ammouse 1
Weapon.ammogive 25
2PIS H -1
2PIS A 2 A_WeaponReady
2PIS I 1 A_Lower
2PIS I 1 A_Raise
2PIS A 1
2PIS B 4 bright A_FireBullets(3, 3, 1, 5, "BulletPuff")
2PIS C 4
2PIS D 4
2PIS E 4
2PIS F 4
2PIS G 4
2PIS I 4 A_ReFire
Goto Ready

Thanks for help =)

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Look in the fire state and see what's there. 2PIS C 4 for example. The '4' is how many tics it shows frame C of sprite 2PIS. Lower those numbers in the fire state to have it get to A_refire faster.

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A_FireBullets (angle spread_horz, angle spread_vert, int numbullets, int damage [, string pufftype [,int flags [, float range]]]

Changing both the numbullets and damage variables will change the damage. Both variables should be obvious as to what they do.

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