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Custom Desert Eagle damage

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I made a desert eagle and it uses clip ammo. It works well but I want the gun to do more damage.

How do I increase the damage of clip ammo for this gun but not for the pistol and chaingun? Here is my decorate file:

Actor DesertEagle : Weapon 15555
Scale 0.75
Obituary "%o was splattered by %k Deagle"
Radius 20
Height 16
AttackSound "Weapon/Eaglefire"
Inventory.pickupmessage "You got the Deagle"
Weapon.SelectionOrder 400
Weapon.SlotNumber 2
Weapon.kickback 100
Weapon.ammotype "clip"
Weapon.ammouse 1
Weapon.ammogive 25
2PIS I -1
2PIS A 2 A_WeaponReady
2PIS J 1 A_Lower
2PIS J 1 A_Raise
2PIS A 1
2PIS B 4 bright A_FireBullets(3, 3, 1, 5, "BulletPuff")
2PIS C 1
2PIS D 1
2PIS E 1
2PIS F 1
2PIS G 1
2PIS H 1
2PIS J 4 A_ReFire
Goto Ready

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Thanks. That worked like a champ.

EDIT: I actually have a problem, no ammo is being used, here is the part in question:

2PIS B 1 bright A_FireBullets(3, 6, 1, 30, "BulletPuff", FBF_NORANDOM, FBF_USEAMMO)

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