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Identify this midi

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Theres this midi i found called ACEL31.
Can anybody tell me where it is from and who made it?
If anybody knows where i can upload the file so you can listen to it, please tell me.

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The midi track is from a game called Pandemonium (most likely lifted from the PC demo Aliotroph? indirectly linked to) and was composed by Burke Trieschmann - you'll find it listed a bit more than half-way down his credits page.

portalcrazy said:

Anybody on this forum willing to give some advice?

Don't take every smart ass answer as a personal insult, to do so is just feeding the trolls and around here they tend to hunt in packs.

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Round 2.

What songs are playing at ksutra MAP28 and gravity MAP02? I only know that they are from Metallica and AC/DC respectively.

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