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Death Wyvern

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So I'm toying around with the Death Wyvern. And naturally I want it to do some cool stuff rather than just patrol an area of empty space like it did in Hexen and Hexen DD.

So as a first test I placed the map nodes in a circle around a structure with arches and technically it shouldn't be any problems.

Problems it was. The death wyvern wasn't very keen on following the path very loyally. It would swirve off and get caught in stuff almost instantly and then it would stay there until it was killed. I could literally walk up behind it and fist it up the ass and it wouldn't turn around or do anything. I moved the same path out in an open space and it would roam it like a bat out of hell.

So I made another test where I placed it all in an open area and went into Hexen (in Zdoom) and watched the Wyvern's movement in the mapscroll view. Turns out he's using a rather large space to move around outside of the map spots making it impossible to have him move in proximity to anything like an archway as he is bound to get caught in them.

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Looking closer, it should be possible to make a more interesting path by simply having clusters of nodes far apart. The further apart the nodes are the more accurate prediction of the traveling of the Death Wyvern's path between them should be possible.

But this basically means I need to design an area with this in mind and then test it to see if the wyvern can travel it reliably.

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can you have him go in a large winding path all throughout a level? I used to think he would always go in a circle before i learned about the nodes

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