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Once again... Wad hunting.

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Playing through map01 with one of the many 'weapon/enemy replacement' mods that are out there nowadays (mostly out of boredom and/or ideas for the couple of personal projects I have at the moment) and stumbled onto a set of sprites I haven't seen in quite some time.

Stumbling across said set of sprites, it reminded me of a Level (Or level set, I don't quite remember) I played a while ago, consisting of a set of custom sprites (I believe there were sprite sets for The demon, the H. Knight, the B.o.H, the Pain Elemental and a at least 2 or so Imp-type enemies) as well as a set of custom textures that were rather colorful in nature.

I believe 'alter' was also involved in some way with the Level set's title in some way (again, don't quite remember.)

Does anyone happen to know what Pwad I'm talking about?

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I couldn't help but notice the grenade pickup in the alcove. Was there a rocket launcher substitute, by any chance?

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Porsche Monty said:

@screenshot: That's about worst combination of artwork and visual settings I've seen in a while.

It could have been worse. Picture a white poodle in the Imp's place.
Or would that have been an improvement?

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