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Adding textures using XWE

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I have a problem. I am working on a custom made map. For this map I used some textures from Alien Vendetta. So I saved those textures as bmp files and now I want to add them to my own wad, so I don't see these weird things saying 'no texture' whenever I fire up the game outside Doombuilder. So I used this program named XWE. I added the files, as done in this tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qk1Bkm-B1X4

However, when I startup Doombuilder, I can see that my wad has a few more textures than doom2.wad (Because I added them, ofcourse). And when I select my wad to use those textures for, say, a wall, there is nothing there. No textures at all. Not even the doom 2 textures. Now I really don't get it. If somebody knows a way to fix this, I'd be greatful to hear it.

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That is strange. While parts of that tutorial are hard to follow in a low-res YouTube video it's basically correct and should have worked. My guess is that you've fallen foul of access rights restrictions in Vista or Windows 7 - where is the wad saved?

BTW - don't be surprised if this thread's moved to another forum.

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It's still on my computer. I am still working on the mod in the mean time. Whenever I run it as a test in Doombuilder it shows everything correctly so as long as the solution isn't there yet I'll keep finishing the level.

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nl3paul3nl said:

It's still on my computer.

Let me rephrase the question - where on your computer is the wad saved? If it's in C:\Program Files or one of it's sub-folders you're going to have troubles with Vista and 7, since they normally only allow data files in those folders to be modified by the application that created them. Where it gets weird (I don't know the full story since I'm a luddite who's yet to be presented with a compelling reason to upgrade from XP) is when data files - in this case the wad you created in Doom Builder - are modified and saved by other applications. Instead of overwriting the original data file, Windows saves the modified file to a virtual folder (at this point you now have two version of the wad) where it can be recalled and worked on in XWE but Doom Builder will know nothing about it or any changes that have been made. The odds are that if you re-open the wad in XWE you won't see any of the recent changes made in Doom Builder.

Simplest solution is to save your work to a folder outside of C:\Program Files where all will applications have (or can be granted) full access rights.

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