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Looking for an old Doom 1 style (e3 I think) map

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No idea when this thing was released. But I'm thinking probably in the late '90s. Could have been as late as '05, tho, I guess....

I remember there being some winding passages, stairs, about doom 1 level of detail--maybe even less. I'm not even sure of the texturing. I want to say there was a fair amount of blood... with either one or both of gstone textures and/or brown1 textures. I'm almost 100% certain this wad is too old and obscure for anyone to remember it, especially given my weak description. I think the map was similar in difficulty to an e3 map, too, but possibly even easier--I remember there being an average number of monsters.

I remember it had cool but minimalistic architecture.

I don't suppose there is any way to search the archives for doom 1 single player single level wads only?

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