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What are your favourite maps?

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Ultimate Doom:
Doom II:
TNT Evilution:
Plutonia Experiment:
Custom Wad:

For me it's:

E1M1: Hangar.
MAP 31: Wolfenstein.
MAP 21: Administration Centre.
MAP 24: The Final Frontier.

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Doom: e1m5
Doom 2: map29
Evilution: map02
Plutonia: map24

All maps are subjects to change :P

Has there ever been a "real poll" for the "best ever map" by the DW users? (or rather "most popular")

It can be done like this:

Someone starts a thread, stating the rules etc, then everyone can nominate their favorite map (one map only, from one of the IWADS. The thread starter choose which IWAD) simply by posting in the thread. The thread can be open for lets say 1 week. Then the thread is closed and the thread starter counts up all nominations, and makes sure no-one has voted twice, or nominated more than one map etc. When done he makes a new thread with a poll. The poll contains the top 10 maps (the 10 maps with the most nominations). The thread can be open for another week to let everyone vote. Lets say if the map I nominated didnt make it to the top 10 list, I can vote for the one I like the best out of the ten, or simply dont vote at all.

Theeeen again, a final thread can be made: Top 3, or 5. The grand finale. Same procedure as the last thread.

I dunno. I find things like this interesting, even though its simply a popularity contest :P

Also I guess it will be more fun with Evilution or Plutonia, because with Doom and Doom 2, e1m1 and map01 will probably win anyway :P

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There are so many of these threads I never get sick of them. Only this time I'm just going to post all my favorites.

Ultimate Doom:
Nuclear Plant
Computer Station
Phobos Anomaly
Fortress Of Mystery
Perfect Hatred
Sever The Wicked
Against Thee Wickedly
Unto The Cruel

Doom II:
The Gantlet
The Crusher
Dead Simple
Tricks And Traps
The Pit
Refueling Base
Circle Of Death
The Factory
Industrial Zone
The Courtyard
The Citadel
Barrels O' Fun
The Chasm
The Abandoned Mines
Monster Condo
The Spirit World
The Living End

TNT Evilution:
System Control
Power Control
Storage Facility
Nukage Processing
Steel Works
Dead Zone
Deepest Reaches
Processing Area
Administration Center
Mount Pain
Last Call

Plutonia Experiment:
Well Of Souls
Ghost Town
The Twilight
The Death Domain
Impossible Mission
The Final Frontier
Temple Of Darkness
The Sewers
Odyssey Of Noises

Custom Wad:
The Teleporter (MM)
The Bridge (MM)
Interlock (MM)
The Stand (MM)
Hell's Kitchen (MM)
The Powerstation (MM)
Not That Simple (MM)
And The Dead Shall Rise (MM)
Aquaduct (MM)
Karmacoma (MM)
Showdown (MM)
Cesspool (MM)
Viper (MM)
The Silos (MM2)
Corporate Hell (MM2)
The Black Gate (Requiem)
Escape From Chaos (Requiem)
Dens of Iniquity (Requiem)
Skinny Puppy (Requiem)
Hatred (Requiem)
Cursed Kingdom (Requiem)
Bitter Herd (Requiem)
Blessed Are The Quick (Icarus)
Painful Discharge (Icarus)
Another Fine Mess (Icarus)
Starhenge (Icarus)
Excavations (Icarus)
Brutality (Icarus)
Nucleus (Icarus)
Great Balls of Fire (Icarus)
...It seriously goes on and on from here.

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Ultimate Doom:
Whole Knee Deep in a Dead :)
Containment Area
Halls of the Damned
Spawning Vats
Tower of Babel
Slough of Despair
House of Pain
Hell Beneath
And Hell Followed

Doom 2:
The Waste Tunnels
The Crusher
Dead Simple
Tricks and Traps
The Pit
'O' of Destruction!
The Courtyard
The Citadel
The Abandoned Mines
Monster Condo
The Spirit World
The Living End

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Udoom: Deimos Lab, Halls of the Damned, House of Pain, Limbo, They Will Repent, Against Thee Wickedly.

Doom 2: Tricks 'n' Traps, Industrial Zone, The Courtyard, The Spirit World, The Living End.

Evilution: Wormhole, Storage Facility, Mill, Administration Center, Ballistyx, Heck, The River Styx.

Plutonia: Abattoire, Speed, Cyberden, Bunker, The Sewers.

Pwads: AV map 28 and 29. Deus Vult, and DV II maps 19, 21, 22, (whichever is the vrack-like one, the cathedral and the run from the afrits). Sunder map 10, 14. Requiem map 29. MM map 28, MM2 map 28. There are a lot more, but they are a lot like the ones I already mentioned.

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Hellbent said:

MAP10 Refuelling Base is one of my faves from Doom 2.

But here I notice a bug. :-/ Do you see it, too?

Only one side of that door actually requires a Blue Key to open. It's possible to reach the side that doesn't require a key, without having already got the Blue Key, through use of a secret teleporter.

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Hellbent said:

MAP10 Refuelling Base is one of my faves from Doom 2.

Probably the map I like the least of all the maps in Doom2.

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My favorite maps are:

Doom 2:
Monster Condo
Abandoned Mines
Barrels O' Fun (Best map ever by Id IMO)

Final Doom: Plutonia:
Odyssey of Noises
Ghost Town

Mount Pain

Ultimate Doom:
House of Pain
Halls of The Damned
Containment Area
Sever The Wicked
Perfect Hatred

Its irrelevent to official Doom but.. Also every map from WOS.wad

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Ah damn I forgot about that one ^

Dead Simple was the first Doom map I decided to call a favorite. I used Doom Legacy to start on Dead Simple all the time.

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Ultimate Doom:
E3M7 Gate to Limbo
E4M7 And Hell Followed

Doom II:
MAP10 Refueling Base
MAP20 Gotcha

Master Levels:

TNT Evilution:
MAP16 Deepest Reaches
MAP32 Caribbean

MAP04 Caged
MAP29 Odyssey of Noises

PSX Doom
MAP30 Threshold of Pain

Doom 64
MAP13 Dark Citadel
MAP20 Breakdown

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Too many to count. I'll just name one from each game:

DooM: E2M2.

DooM 2: Tough choice. I think I'll go with Downtown, since it's an amazing level.

Plutonia: Odyssey of Noises.

TNT: Can't remember the name, but the one level with the huge area with lots of grates is a terrfic level imo.

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UDoom: E1M2,E1M3,E1M4,E1M5,E1m7,E2M2,E2M6,E3M2,E3M3,E4M1,E4M2,E4M5,E4M6(Favorite id level)

DoomII: MAP02,MAP03,MAP05,MAP11,MAP14,MAP17,MAP26,MAP27,MAP29

TNT:MAP01,MAP06,MAP07,MAP09(favorite commercial level),MAP11,MAP13,MAP14,MAP16,MAP18,MAP20,MAP29,MAP31


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My fave 4 maps from each game and Master Levels


- E1M1
- E1M6
- E4M6
- E4M7


- MAP13
- MAP14
- MAP20
- MAP29


- Attack
- Minos
- Vesperas
- Paradox


- MAP06
- MAP09
- MAP19
- MAP30


- MAP02
- MAP18
- MAP22
- MAP29


- WOS MAP25 Vulcana
- E3M7 2002ADO
- CCHEST 4: Vulcana 2 (unreleased)
- Death Tormention 3: E4M4


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Technician said:


I actually kind of like the concept for that level... shame that it is basically the same level repeated twice with just some texture variation.

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DooM: E1M9
DooM 2: Map19, Map20
No Rest for the Living: Map01
Plutonia: Map05 (i did even a tribute in the upcoming project Plutonia Revisited)
Doom 64: Map02
Pwads: Phocas Island 2, Galaxia

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I'll just post my favourite map from a custom wad.
Hellground,map 04 is one of the best maps I have,ever,played.Great music,great atmosphere,great texture variation and theme variation.Simply put,epic!
EDIT:Also the cathedral map in DV2,and 32 Inch Nails (mostly all of it).

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Doom: E1M8, E2M4, E3M4, E4M2
Doom 2:MAP29
Plutonia:Baron's Den, but Tombstone had a memorable theme.
Doom64: Cat and Mouse

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Doom 1:
Perfect Hatred
Unto The Cruel
Fortress Of Mystery

Doom 2:
Dead simple
O of destruction
Barrels Of Fun
The Abandoned Mines
The Spirit World

The Twilight

Deepest Reachesg

3000 AD (Scythe)
Envy (Scythe)
Fear (Scythe)
Run From It (Scythe)
Hell On Earth (Scythe)
Fire And Ice (Scythe)
Chaos Zone (Scythe)
Graverobbers (Scythe 2)
Pharoah's Tomb (Scythe 2)
Mr. X (Scythe 2)
Living Lands (Scythe 2)
The Garden Base II (Scythe 2)
Nightmare (Scythe 2)
Haunting Dreams (Scythe 2)
Secret (Scythe 2)

Comeback (Plutonia 2)
Enemey Caught (Plutonia 2)
Arch Violence (Plutonia 2)
Imprisoned (Plutonia 2)
Charon Eclipse (Plutonia 2)
When Hate Turns Red (Plutonia 2)
Go4It (Plutonia 2)
Assassin (Plutonia 2)
Black Ice (Plutonia 2)
Plutonia (Plutonia 2)
Ticket To Eternity (Plutonia 2)
The Gatewatcher (Plutonia 2)

The Path 2 (Hr2)
Not That Simple 2 (Hr2)
Dis3000 (Hr2)
Hr2 lvl 1

AV maps
10, 15, 31, 20, 25, 26

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This thread again? Well...

The Ultimate Doom: E1M5, E2M6, E3M4, and don't know about Episode 4.
Doom II: map 8, 18, and 29.
TNT Evilution: I almost never played this.
The Plutonia Experiment: I almost never played this.
Custom Wad:
-Mars War map 12.
-Doomsday of UAC.
-DOOM II Reloaded map 8 and 24.
-Speed of Doom.
-Scythe, mostly all of the wad.

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We love talking about our favorite maps. :)

Master Levels:
The Catwalk
The Fistula
Titan Manor
Trapped On Titan
Mephisto's Maosoleum
Black Tower
The Express Elevator To Hell

Doom 64:
Staging Area
The Terraformer
Main Engineering
Tech Center
The Bleeding
Altar of Pain
Eye of the Storm
Blood Keep
Watch Your Step
The Spiral
Cat And Mouse
(Don't think I've ever played In The Void yet)

PSX Doom:
Twilight Descends
Redemption Denied
The Marshes
The Mansion

Alien Vendetta:
Beast Island
Toxic Touch
Lake Poison
Alien Resurrection
Misri Halek

Eternal Doom:
Time Gate
The Abbey
Celebration of Evil
The Seeker
Time Gate II
Rainbow Bridge
Beginner's End
No Parking
Monster Mansion

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Knee Deep in the Deep is tied for first. There isn't a bit of fat on this one; every map is essential to the experience of the whole.

For The Shores of Hell: m1, m2, m4. These maps are just about perfect. This episode tends to develop a blah feeling in the three maps leading up the Cyberdemon battle. The secret map is especially blah. It's the sort of map that a beginner would make today just as a tester.

For Inferno: m3, m6. The Hell Base nature of map 3 is a lot of fun. It has decent challenge and great atmosphere. Map 6 is still awesome in that wide open feeling, and less linear design.

Thy Flesh Consumed: The Romero maps, but they are a pain. Some of these maps in this episode come off as too cheap in design. Also, the unbalanced difficulty is annoying. The first two levels are mega-hard, and then most of the rest is quite easy!

Doom 2

The first 11 maps are mostly really good. The second half of the game is a big drop off for me. I also missed the episode format here. I liked being able to jump into three different sets of maps based on whim. The result, for me, of having just one big episode means that I'll be playing the first levels the most, since the game forces me (without cheating) to start with them. Maybe it's because these are the best levels before the lame 'Earth' set.

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Doom 1

-Knee deep in the dead(duh)
-E2M7(Spawning Vats).Imo this is the best level in DooM 1 level because it takes elements from all episodes and makes one nicely detailed and interesting map.
-E3M8 for the kickass music!

Doom 2
-map 01,02,04 and 30

Map 9 and 10 tons and tons of action and kickass music in Stronghold level(which actially feels like a stronghold)

All of KDiZD,level 26 and 27 from Scythe 2 and Vulcana from WoS

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