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Battlefield TC (version 6 is out!)

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It's a CTF wad based on Battlefield 2, Where China and USA started a war because of oil.
SKULLTAG ONLY, however, it might run under Zdoom :P
Weapons :
MP5, M16, AK-47, M72 LAW, M60, Type 81, Beretta, Smoke grenade, RPG7, Duke nukem 3D pistol, ROTT pistol, grenades, Two types of shotguns, knife that looks more like a fretsaw and a land mine.

[size=150]Version 6[/size]

-Teams are now in TEAMINFO
-Now you can't hit anyone from a distance of 9000 meters (yeah, this was quite frustrating)
-New map bf5 (of course!)
-Almost all classes have crouching sprites
-Added walking sounds
-Grenade frags are now way better

Link : http://wadhost.fathax.com/files/BFv6.zip


[/spoiler]Maps : BF1-BF5

Classes :
Medic(can throw medkits)
Assault(has smoke bomb)
Machinegunner(has MASHINGUN+carries ammo boxes around)
Engineer(throws land mines)
Anti-tank(can blow up stuff. Too bad there are no vehicles here)

Required DmFlags2 = 268435456

Required help : MAPPERS

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It looks nice visually, but how does it play; I'm not seeing a huge amount of places to take cover from hitscan weapons, in your screenshots.

I am assuming all the foliage are sprites based and hence hitscan weapons go through them (unless they are set to be shootable, which would probably also require a non auto aim flag).

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I tried it with bots.
Its very chaotic and you need to make some finetuning then it could get an EPIC wad.
But thereĀ“s some more work todo.

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Well, bots are not made for CTF anyway. Mostly the die from all kinds of dangers, like heights, water and land mines.
About foliage sprites, trees are shootable, so i wouldn't recommend to use autoaim.

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Clonehunter said:

I thought Battlefield was a FPS not a TPS.

Aside from Battlefield Heroes, you'd be correct.

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