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Christchurch earthquake updates [conspiracy theory nonsense]

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HAARP. Twice in succession, I think this is not natural causes, the US Government facility in Alaska is working overtime with Haiti, the Chinese Earthquake and Boxing day tsunami. Wake up people, the Illuminati are doing this to bring in the NWO.

Seriously a city hit twice?

But my condolences go out to those involved, they need all the help they can get and I am sure the relief workers involved in the Queensland Flood relief can spare some guys and gals to help out in NZ. The New Zealanders helped us out in gallipoli, so they deserve our help as well.

Some footage.

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Technician said:

Yeah, fucking Illuminati and their Earth Quake Machine.

They couldn't have tested it on a nicer place. Ha Ha.

Whiteschurch-hate aside, it really is kinda shitty. Condolences to people who may have lost a loved one.

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Csonicgo said:

And before people start, please no Mordor jokes. Yet. Save those for tomorrow.

The news said "Quake in New Zeland" and I went for my shotgun only to be disappointed when someone explained it to me.


Okay, yeah, I'm sorry for that.

On a serious note, there's a fault line here in Illinois, not sure which one it is. Not looking foreword to the day that son of a bitch goes off because with my luck I'll be on the bridges over the Illinois river going to visit my parents that day. Quakes sucks.

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